Do not cry, Jeannette ... Lyonel Trouillot

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 0 comments

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In one of my previous columns, I criticized the dismay of those who resented the application and the popularity of singers Wyclef Jean and Michel Martelly: symptoms of a social crisis which political expression takes the form of rejection of anything that can represent the social order, in the eyes of the masses of urban poor and peasantry. No need to be a sociologist or a historian to get to the evidence of this perception among those who voted Michel Martelly, there is an order that is against them. Their vote, therefore, is determined by the difference that the candidate maintains them in accordance with political power as the guarantor of that "order" which they expect nothing. 

When we offer the vote to people who do not feel citizens in an atmosphere of the old regime, they vote the "disorder". Since Duvalier, Aristide through to arrive at the election of Michel Martelly, the Haitian president takes on the appearance of the States General. In these three cases, without denying the specific economic conditions and the particularities of each of these applications, the misfortune wanted the eyes of much of the electorate, the candidates are in possession of specifications whose implementation would end to "order". Misfortune. At least in the first two cases. The breakdown of what needs to be deconstructed has not led to the organization of a republican society based on fewer social inequality. The disorder did not change the social order, he found and exploited the rot.

Rather than lamenting the failure of the constitutional electoral reader of Agatha Christie, it will spill over to this new progressive populism on the left. Ensure adherence to democratic gains against totalitarian drift, rather than engaging institutions in the exercise of social transformation in accordance with their respective powers, may take the path of destruction of these institutions. Denounce any tendency to return to social prejudice and cronyism: the "band" in Michel Martelly is not free of son and daughters of beneficiaries in a straight line of the mulatto and Negritude. Exert pressure for social and economic measures for a republic founded on fairness and equality.

It will also be for progressives to overcome the conflict that divides them into two: one which is the same man a leftist intellectual notable upset by it. For example, evidence that should have seized the intellectual and the notable missed Michel Martelly, in the role of Sweet Micky, shocked the morals, but in the representation system and those who voted for him, it does not matter. Why? Because the social crisis is such, rejection of the order such that the "desecration" of everything that is does not interfere, and may even seduce.

Other evidence: the sudden sensitivity to misery. We must recognize that people have felt a sensitivity to their condition, and vote every time (we go back to the States General elections) or that they believe that sensitive to their condition. If people do not believe that you are sensitive to their circumstances, how could they believe that you will do something about it! Again, it is on the left that can beat populism: sensitivity to the real conditions of the people, clear proposals to transform these conditions. The mourners who lament would have pushed their candidate to be more "social", or form themselves into an autonomous force and confront populism. Defeat: Prove that it is we who understand your problems and who will take the right steps to solve them. It is also this silence, this absence, which elected Michel Martelly.

Lyonel Trouillot