Who is Daniel Gérard Rouzier? "Next Haitian Prime Minister ?"

Thursday, May 5, 2011 0 comments

 Just as the partial result of the recent election, Scoop FM is one more time, the first radio who  has released the name of the person who will be the next Haitian Prime Minister, Daniel Gerard Rouzier, a successfull Businessman

I started searching for Internet articles on this mysterious personageData about him were very rare and scattered.  No pictures only One! And at the end, I collected some sentences, paragraphs and here it's a small profile I investigated for you.  It's the result of a compilation of all I found.

Daniel Gerard Rouzier
Daniel Gerard Rouzier was born in 1960, he is a descendant of Elizabeth Odeide (Martinique), son of Gerard Rouzier and Marie Helen Brun. He is an elder brother of the famous musician Fabrice Rouzier.   
Alumni of Saint-Louis Gonzague. It's said that his candor of speaking about his faith is Unique.

Daniel Gerard Rouzier is the author of some books: Vision ou Illusion (2000), Le Pouvoir des Idées (2002). He is also the author of “croire, aimer et Espérer” in which he talks about his intimate relationship with Christ, his wife and children who are respectively its rock and its treasure.

He is as well an avid soccer player and a book collector.

He is the treasurer of RepresentAction and the president founder of SunAuto S.A., exclusive distributor of General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Yokohama Tire, General Tire, ACDelco and Dupont in Haiti.  Chairman of the private Haitian power company E-Power.

Daniel Gerard Rouzier is a Member of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Haiti. And Also Member of the Board of PromoCapital, the First Haitian-American Investment Bank. He is also a Board Member of SOFIHDES, Societe Financiaire Haitienne de Developpement, the leading development bank of Haiti.

He is Vice-President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Food for the poor, a Non Governmental Organization whose mission is to feed, and educate the less fortunate of our community.

DuPont Performance Coatings honored him as a Joe Jackson Industry Champion Award recipient at a business conference in Orlando. Rouzier was recognized for his selfless act to arrange and provide proper burials to an estimated 2,500 earthquake victims.

Prepared by Mirvaldy B. Joseph