Opening the Door to the Person You Were Meant To Be...

Friday, January 13, 2012 0 comments
       What motivates you into making the evolutionary leap into God-Man?  Perhaps the of idea Power and Success sounds exciting.

      Success an power come from something I call downstream focus.  Downstream focus happens when your thoughts naturally flow back to your work, even in the evenings the weekends. If thinking about your works, especially in the evenings and on the weekends, is an upstream battle (as it is for most), you will not be a major success because for those elite few who make it to the top in your field, thinking about work is a natural downstream rush. They pass right by you to the power positions.
     Do you feel the Tug to get back to your livelihood – after work an on weekend? I'm not talking about external deadlines, but internal desire?  If not, you're swimming upstream, and I can guarantee you will not experience major success ... because there are people in line of your work who are pulled back to it. They may be the owners, or they may be your peers who will rise beyond You. Is watching TV, a basketball or soccer game, hanging out with friends hard to pull away from in your evenings? Those are indicators that you have not experienced what I call downstream focus to success.
              Every person has a door inside that opens to the opens he or she was meant. That person, once the door, lives every with natural downstream focus and soars to mayor success. Today, you must open within you.
   Without discovering and opening that door, you will never soar. It is a depressing thought to have live but never Soar.