Haiti In Green Project - "Green City"

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General Objective:
  Fight against climatic changes, to better the health of the environment in Haiti, by the reforesting, with the help and force of the student youth community, of such country.

“Green City” is global youthful movement dedicated to the betterment of Haiti’s environment. The mission project consists of implicating youths from 13-16 years of age in the process of planting trees in some of the most rural areas in the country, palm trees and turfs, to contribute in the reforestation and protection of the environment. Before proceeding, dialogs should be established amongst the schools of primary education with the objective of bringing forth to the consciousness of adolescent youths the necessity and capacity to take initiatives in solving the problems of the community, above all, most importantly, those involving the environment and global warming. 

The project consists of various phases that will successively be realized in the different cities:

The first phase will be put into action in the month of April of the year 2011 en Cap-Haitian, a northern province of Haiti.

100 adolescent youths will be chosen from various schools of primary education (13-15 years old), with their help we will plant palm trees, coconut trees and turfs all around the city of Cap-Haitian where also we will set down a symbolic stone of appreciation, next to every tree, with the names of the participants incrusted in her.

The congressionalist schools will send forth 20 of their most intelligent students (First of their classes) or girls and boys in need but very active and engaged in school, and also there will be a selection of 20 students of other secular schools. The process will take four (4) days ( a day for each group of 25 students).

Each tree planted will carry the name of the child (in a pillar of homage the will stand next to the tree) and also it will carry the name of the child in the house exactly in front of the tree, and in the case that such house across the street is a house of business, the name of the child will be chosen by the owner of such business. 

“And the tree will be given as a gift to that child of which he will be responsible of taking care of.”

And on the last day of the activity or the fifth, the event will be sealed with a reception during which a plaque of honor will be awarded to the mayor of the city in which there, inscribed, will be the names of the 100 youths who contributed to the realization of the project.

“As Junior Citizens of Honor of the Year of the city: and amongst the most eloquent will be selected as Delegates for the protection of the environment of the City (participate in televised and radio emissions, sensibilizing the project). They will also receive formation on how to protect themselves and help during natural catastrophes, they will have, as a mission, to multiply and transmit these formations in televised and radio emissions to the general population.

We want to promote a program of volunteerism and civic compromise of the youths in their respective zones; we really need this in Haiti.

But also we want to support these young individuals engaged in their scholastic needs and permit and facilitate them to participate in International Conferences and formation through “e-learning”.

Problem and Justification

Haiti is a country where deforestation reaches an alarming rate of 98%, due to the large quantity, between 10 to 20 millions, of trees cut down every year.

According to the Haitian Institute of statistics, between the years of ’60 and today, the forestry coverage went from 20% to 1.4%.  The consequences of deforestation in Haiti are numerous and very grave for the environment. Firstly, the forestry territorial transformation in subsistence cultures, often badly united, impoverish the souls till they are transformed infertile. Furthermore, the absence of trees to retain the soul causes the country to be more vulnerable to the different inequalities of time, for example, the inundations, mudslides etc… Hence, approximately 15,000,000 square meters of mountainous soul are driven into the sea.

It is of upmost importance to keep in mind the catastrophes caused by the hurricanes and by global warming. The latter being, without a doubt, linked to deforestation, being that the insufficient number of trees is incapable of absorbing all the carbonic gas present in the air, which contributes to the green house effect. According to some specialists, such degradation of the earth will eventually bring the country to confront with itself in a phenomenal truth of desertification.  

The deforestation in Haiti is due to a general production of charcoal, to a lack of consciousness from the part of the population and, overall, to a lack of organization and integration in the process of the true productive force of the society which is the youth.

General Objective:
·      Minimize the risks of deforestation and global warming in the Haitian community sensitizing the adolescent youths to assume their role as active partisans of the country and create a consciousness that is more firm on the challenges of the environment, therefore, helping to prevent this progressive desertification of the Haitian territory.     

Specific Objectives:
·      Establish dialogs in the primary schools on the gravity of the problems caused by global warming; the necessities and the capacities of these individuals younger than 18 years to take initiatives with the finality of protecting the environment. 
·      Fill the emptiness left behind by the deforestation and in the meantime enrich the beauty of the city of Cap-Haitian by planting 400 trees in four days, within which are included: Palm trees, coconut trees and turfs.


Ø  Increase the amount of trees made available in the different areas and cities of Haiti.
Ø  Forge an initiative of volunteerism en the spectrum of protection of the environment and global warming.
Ø  Persuade the population of their responsibility and compromise to their community, with respect to the environment.
Ø  Integrate the adolescent youths in one of the greatest challenges of the Haitian society.
Ø  Contribute to the change of various zones of the country.

Aspired Results:
 Have ready always a group of dedicated youths that will take initiatives and assume responsibilities towards the wellbeing of their community and environment.
 Dispose of a permanent group of youth volunteers for civil defense, whom are willing to collaborate to confront the challenges and problems of the environment.
 Have 400 trees planted en different areas of Cap-Haitian by the end of 2011.
 Achieve that the participating youths are completely satisfied with having contributed to the resolution of one of the many problems of their community.

Human Resources:
 Director- author of the Project: Is the author of the project. Assist reunions with different organizations of finance to present them with the project and persuade them of its importance and benefits. Arbitrate the decisions with the participation of the rest of the members; Assure that every one of them is capable to assume the function that is attributed to him/her, for the well functioning and further development of the project.

Administrator and Funds director: Whose roles consists in planning, organizing, directing, controlling and integrating the members under the same objective, so therefore everything is achieved as foreseen. He/she is also responsible for the administration of funds designated to the project.

  Delegates and Coordinators of the project: He/she assists the reunions en case the director is unable to be present. He/she is also in charge of directing and coordinating the efforts of the members and driving them toward a common, determined, objective.

v International Delegates: Represent the project at an international level and are in charge of obtaining aid, be that it may be, financial or materials, at the international level: Argentine, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, etc…

 Public Relations (Responsible for contacts and Aid):  Their role consists in defending the project at the national level in front of the possible financing organizations. He/she is in charge of administrating the processes of communication and making sure that the public opinion and image corresponds with the project.

 Secretary: Is in charge of communicating to the members the different reunions, both ordinaries and/or extra-ordinaries, make appointments, redact letters of solicitation of financing or participation in the project.  He/she is also in charge of taking notes in all the reunions and archiving all of the important data related to the project.

 Team manager:

 Graphics Designers: Are the ones who design the symbols and logos affiliated with the project, and the websites who represent the culture of the members of the project.